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Student loans are rarely dischargeable in bankruptcy. They are among several types of debts that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Others are back child support and most taxes.

Exceptions to this rule of thumb typically involve serious injuries or other compelling reasons for which the debtor cannot repay the student loans without "undue hardship." Unless a debtor suffered a catastrophic injury or otherwise could not work at all, it is usually unlikely that the bankruptcy will discharge student loans or other non-dischargeable debts.

Since student loans are an irremovable part of a monthly budget, a debtor's stated monthly expenses will be higher accordingly.

To discuss with an experienced bankruptcy law attorney how to maximize the opportunity for debt relief that bankruptcy provides, even taking into account non-dischargeable debts such as student loans, contact a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer at Prescott & Pearson, P.A. Our years of experience helping Minnesotans find true debt relief have given us abundant examples of ways in which previous clients coped with factors such as student loans

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