Filing for Bankruptcy in Minnesota

There are U.S. bankruptcy courts in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, as well as Duluth. If you arrive at the decision that filing bankruptcy is the most reasonable and advantageous legal remedy to your problem of unmanageable debt in Minnesota, your attorney will file your petition in one of these courts, depending on your county of residence.

Within about four weeks of your filing, you and your attorney will attend a 341 creditors' meeting in one of these locations or in one of several other locations throughout the state: St. Cloud, Mankato, Rochester or Fergus Falls.

Prescott Pearson & Tande, PA, located in the Twin Cities, helps clients through the process of filing for bankruptcy in Minneapolis and St. Paul and throughout Minnesota. This is all we do, and we do it well. We have built a strong reputation for our law firm with more than 40 years of experience. We have handled more than 70,000 bankruptcy cases over the years.

We are proud of our legacy of helping our fellow Minnesotans find true debt relief and move on to a fresh start after experiencing serious economic hardship. We welcome the opportunity to extend the benefit of our experience to you regardless of where you live in Minnesota.

Statewide Representation

While it is true that most of our clients are from the Twin Cities area, we do have clients from throughout the state as well. Some have heard from friends or relatives about the quality of our representation. Others have become familiar with us through our Internet presence or television advertisements. They have realized that they prefer to file bankruptcy with the assistance of a very experienced law firm in the Twin Cities area. We give the same time and attention to every Minnesotan seeking debt relief with our assistance, no matter where in the state each one resides.

The vast majority of our interactions with our clients take place by phone, mail or email. Most of our clients come to our law offices twice: once for the initial consultation and means test and again when we help them submit the bankruptcy petition electronically to the court. The next time we meet is at the 341 creditors' meeting. Our clients stay in communication with us by phone, mail and email as needed throughout the process.

"This Is All We Do, and We Do It Well."

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To learn more about filing for bankruptcy in Minnesota, call our bankruptcy lawyers today or contact us online. We offer free initial consultations, quality services at competitive rates and effective representation statewide.

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