Mission Statement of Prescott Pearson & Tande, PA

Minnesota's Bankruptcy Law Firm for More Than 40 Years

The purpose of Prescott Pearson & Tande, PA, is to provide quality legal services to people who seek help with their financial affairs. We try to treat all clients as we ourselves would like to be treated if we were in need of help — with the concern, compassion and understanding required to service their personal as well as legal needs.

We provide advice, services and representation with these principles in mind:

  • Our clients are individuals, with individual issues and concerns.
  • We are not here to judge their actions. Rather, we seek solutions that help solve their financial problems.
  • We provide honest, straightforward advice. With our counsel, the client can then decide what the best course of action is.

Customized Debt Relief Solutions

Over the years, Prescott Pearson & Tande, PA, has served clients from all walks of life and income levels. For each, we have developed a customized solution designed to help that person overcome financial difficulties and achieve a better future. We are here to guide you through a sometimes confusing, frustrating, challenging and intimidating process.

The hardest part of the process is actually sitting down with a lawyer to face the economic crisis head-on. When you leave our office, we believe that you will experience a sense of relief and the realization that your future is much brighter than it appears now. Prescott Pearson & Tande, PA, will be your counselor and advocate, guiding you to better times.

"This Is All We Do, and We Do It Well."

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.