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Legal steps to end debt collector harassment

Minnesota residents have likely read media reports about the sometimes dubious activities of debt collection agencies. A popular tactic is to make frequent phone calls to an individual's residence or place of business in an attempt to wear them down. While this may sometimes be an effective tactic, the law does provide ways for those receiving this type of call to put an end to the harassment. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act specifies what a debt collector can and cannot do, and it provides a way to put an end to these constant phone calls.

How do I deal with debt collectors?

One of the frustrating issues related to falling behind on bills can be handling debt collectors. A Minnesota resident who is facing stressful collections practices may wonder about their rights and those of the collectors. Understanding debt collection guidelines may prove helpful in curbing inappropriate activities by unscrupulous individuals.

Using power of sale in a foreclosure process

Sometimes homeowners are faced with financial hardships that could lead to a foreclosure of their house. While a foreclosure can be a bit daunting, there are advantages as well as disadvantages involved in the process. One of those advantages is power of sale. A foreclosure by power of sale is presently legal in 29 states, including Minnesota.

Protections offered by the FDCP

Minnesota residents who wish to reestablish their credit may find it interesting to learn more about the methods of collection implemented by many creditors. As the uncollectible consumer debt rises, it creates a market for companies who purchase many defaulted accounts and practice different techniques when pursuing payments.

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