Legal steps to end debt collector harassment

Minnesota residents have likely read media reports about the sometimes dubious activities of debt collection agencies. A popular tactic is to make frequent phone calls to an individual's residence or place of business in an attempt to wear them down. While this may sometimes be an effective tactic, the law does provide ways for those receiving this type of call to put an end to the harassment. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act specifies what a debt collector can and cannot do, and it provides a way to put an end to these constant phone calls.

The most effective way to stop the calls is to inform the debt collector in writing of a refusal to pay the debt in question and asking for all further communication to cease. Once this is done, the only further communication allowed is an acceptance that these efforts will cease or a notification that the debt will be pursued through other means.

Being bothered by debt collectors while at work is particularly troubling for some people, but a debt collector is not permitted to make such calls if the workplace does not allow them. Workers in this situation can end harassing calls while at work by having their employer inform the debt collector that such communication is not acceptable.

While putting an end to telephone harassment from debt collection agencies may provide some relief for consumers, it does not eliminate all of the emotional stress of trying to cope with unmanageable debt. A bankruptcy law attorney may provide information regarding alternative options for debt relief. The attorney could also inform those experiencing financial difficulties which of these options would best suit their particular situation to provide a financial fresh start.

Source: Business Insider, "There's A Simple Way To Get Debt Collectors To Stop Humiliating You ", Corey Adwar, September 18, 2014

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