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Avoiding scam artists when facing foreclosure

Minnesota homeowners may not be aware of scams offering protection against foreclosure. In the current economic climate with a stalled housing market and higher than normal unemployment, homeowners may find it difficult to make their house payments on time. This may lead to foreclosure action by the lending company. Foreclosures are publicly announced, and this source of potential victims helps scammers prey on unwary individuals.

Dealing with a suit by a creditor or debt collector

Economic challenges for Minnesota residents can be frustrating, especially if the inability to keep up with bills results in a lawsuit being filed. Although dealing with a lawsuit may add even more stress to the situation, it is important to understand that ignoring it may only aggravate the situation further. It is important to respond to a suit promptly, observing dates specified in paperwork from the court.

What is Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and who is eligible?

Although many individual debtors choose to file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 in Minnesota, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available to some people who are over the income limits for Chapter 7 or who wish to keep certain types of secured property. Chapter 13 is also known as individual debt reorganization and has some advantages for those who are eligible to file under its rules.

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