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Remaining debt after bankruptcy in Minnesota

Although a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may eliminate some debts, others may remain. For instance, an individual who owes child support or student loans will generally still owe those debts after the case is over. Additionally, some debts related to criminal activities such as drunk driving may still be owed by the debtor after the case is resolved. Long-term debts such as a mortgage may also remain.

Can I file for bankruptcy before completing credit counseling?

While there are strict qualification requirements, it may be possible for a Minnesota resident to file for bankruptcy prior to completing credit counseling, which normally is not the case. Typically, a debtor who attempts to file for bankruptcy prior to doing so will have the case dismissed without getting a refund of any filing fees already paid. However, those who tried to get counseling before filing or had reasons why they couldn't obtain it may be allowed to proceed with their petition.

Saving your home in Minnesota

If you are in danger of losing your home through foreclosure, you are most likely scrambling to try to figure out how to avoid doing so. Alternatively, you may be underwater in your home, owing more than it is worth. You may have a second mortgage that is more problematic than is your senior one. In all cases, you do have options available through which you may receive debt relief and through which your home might be saved.

Can a debt collector use false information to collect a debt?

Debt collectors who are contacting Minnesota residents may not use any false or misleading information to get a debtor to take action. For instance, a debt collector may not claim to be associated with any state or federal government entity. They may also not give misleading or false information regarding how much a debtor may owe or what actions may be taken if the debt is not repaid.

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