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Top mistakes Millenials make with credit cards

When you become an adult, there are suddenly several things you can do that you weren't allowed to do before. You can buy a lottery ticket, go to a Minnesota casino, see more mature movies, buy tobacco products, and if you're over 21 you can purchase and consume alcohol. But besides all these things, it is a time when you are legally able to hold and manage your own financial accounts. It's also the time when you are held responsible if those accounts are mismanaged. Unfortunately, not all Millennials fully understand how this applies to them, and that can get them into trouble as they start to accumulate credit card debt.

Medical bankruptcy: why is it your wisest option?

Rising costs and declining insurance benefits continue to plague many Americans. Even a run-of-the mill medical event can generate huge bills. A catastrophic injury, chronic illness or major surgery can bring much worse.

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