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Can you qualify for bankruptcy if your wages are being garnished?

In many cases, yes, you will qualify for bankruptcy protection if your wages are being garnished. At the very least, an automatic stay while the bankruptcy petition is pending should protect your wages. Do note, though, that these stays may not apply if the garnishment is for past-due child support or tax obligations. Stays should apply in cases such as a creditor trying to collect on medical bills or credit card bills. It is important to move as quickly as possible.

3 bankruptcy exemptions you should know about

Filing for bankruptcy can be a daunting situation, but the more you know, the less scary it typically becomes. One of the biggest sources of stress is the common misconception that bankruptcy will force you to liquidate your assets. On the contrary, there are several options that allow bankruptcy candidates to file and retain most — if not all — of their most valuable assets.

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