How to talk to your partner about bankruptcy

Debt can feel overwhelming. If you are sitting on piles of consumer, medical or other types of debt, you may feel anxiety, sadness or shame. You should not, however, let your feelings about your financial situation derail you from making important decisions.   

Bankruptcy protection may allow you to discharge some or all of your debt. Still, choosing to file for bankruptcy is not always an easy decision to make. If you have a romantic partner, though, you may be able to rely on him or her for emotional support. First, you must talk about your debt and bankruptcy with your significant other. Here are some tips for doing so: 

1. Acknowledge there is a problem 

If you have a rabbit in your garden and leave it alone, it is apt to eventually to go away. The same is not true for your debt. If you struggle to pay your bills, there is a good chance the situation may even worsen. By acknowledging there is a problem, you and your partner can begin looking for solutions. 

2. Keep the future in mind 

Trying to manage excessive debt with insufficient funds can be enough to drive anyone crazy. Still, your debt crisis probably will not last forever. By keeping the future in mind, you can focus on taking proactive steps to address your rising debt. 

3. Control anger 

Because bankruptcy can be stressful, either you or your partner may feel angry. Generally, though, anger is not helpful in planning for your financial future. Rather than getting mad, work with your partner to make good financial decisions. 

Even though debt can consume a significant amount of your emotional, mental and physical energy, you probably do not have to spend your life drowning in it. Instead, you may decide to pursue bankruptcy protection to alleviate some of your stress. By working collaboratively with your partner, you can likely find a way to a brighter future.

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