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Foreclosures resulting in free homes for owners

Minnesota homeowners who are dealing with financial challenges severe enough to lead to a possibility of foreclosure may wonder about the legal implications. In some states, however, timing has proven to be helpful in keeping homes in spite of foreclosure proceedings. Delays have become a serious problem due to a large number of foreclosures in some areas. Additionally, changes to federal law have had an effect.

Saving your home in Minnesota

If you are in danger of losing your home through foreclosure, you are most likely scrambling to try to figure out how to avoid doing so. Alternatively, you may be underwater in your home, owing more than it is worth. You may have a second mortgage that is more problematic than is your senior one. In all cases, you do have options available through which you may receive debt relief and through which your home might be saved.

How to halt a foreclosure

Minnesota homeowners facing foreclosure should not give up hope of keeping their home. In many instances people can stop or delay the process. The important thing to remember is not to panic. There are several creative solutions that could save a home depending upon one's financial situation and lender.

Foreclosure counseling required in Minnesota

Minnesota residents who are behind on their mortgage payments often wonder how they'll know if the mortgage company is moving ahead with foreclosure. One good sign is if the mortgage company sends a letter with information about foreclosure prevention counseling. Foreclosure prevention counseling is usually offered by non-profit agencies who try to help homeowners resolve their mortgage delinquency. Minnesota requires mortgage lenders to notify homeowners of counseling options before moving forward with foreclosure.

Using power of sale in a foreclosure process

Sometimes homeowners are faced with financial hardships that could lead to a foreclosure of their house. While a foreclosure can be a bit daunting, there are advantages as well as disadvantages involved in the process. One of those advantages is power of sale. A foreclosure by power of sale is presently legal in 29 states, including Minnesota.

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