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Verdict serves as a warning to debt collectors in Minnesota

A Missouri woman was awarded $83 million by a jury who found that she was wrongly harassed over a debt that she did not owe. The woman was taken to court by Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC after the company claimed that she had a past due credit card debt of $1,000. However, the debt actually belonged to a man in the same area with a similar name.

Recognizing debt collection scams and protecting oneself

People in Minnesota who find themselves in a tenuous situation with debt are frequently targets of con artists who portray themselves as debt collection agencies or individuals who are authorized to collect debts. These con artists are putting new technology to use with the internet in garnering information about potential targets. They utilize that information to appear credible and get money.

Arbitration clauses in credit card agreements

Minnesota consumers who are facing overwhelming debt may be interested in learning that there is an important provision that could be contained in many of their credit card and other financial agreements. These provisions may seriously impact their legal rights when it comes to disputes with their creditors.

How discharged debts are resolved in bankruptcy

Minnesota natives may be wondering if a debtor can pay a discharged debt if a bankruptcy case has already been discharged. In this case, when liability for the debt has been released due to filing bankruptcy, the debtor can still voluntarily resolve the associated debts. However, the debt that has been released is not legally enforced after bankruptcy.

Seizing property through unsecured loans

Some readers from Minnesota may wish to learn more about the actions available to unsecured debt collection agencies. Collection agencies working with a secured debt generally have the option of seizing assets such as homes in order to procure payment, but this option is not immediately available if the debt is unsecured. However, collection agencies working with unsecured debt may nevertheless be able to compel forfeiture in some cases.

How do I deal with debt collectors?

One of the frustrating issues related to falling behind on bills can be handling debt collectors. A Minnesota resident who is facing stressful collections practices may wonder about their rights and those of the collectors. Understanding debt collection guidelines may prove helpful in curbing inappropriate activities by unscrupulous individuals.

Getting proof of a debt and stopping calls from debt collectors

Minnesota residents who are suffering from overwhelming debt may be interested in ways to fight against creditor harassment. Making the proper requests on time can help to avoid harassing phone calls, particularly when a debt is not legitimate.

Lawsuit charges department store with creditor harassment

Minnesota residents who experience harassment at the hands of creditors may have grounds to file a legal claim under federal law. In a Michigan case, a woman is charging Kohl's department store with creditor harassment under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and, possibly, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. While waiting for the case to continue, the woman has chosen to not pay the seemingly legitimate debt in question.

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