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"This Is All We Do and We Do It Well."

Anyone can be so overwhelmed by debt that declaring bankruptcy becomes the only real option, even someone with a lot of money and even a major corporation like Lehman Brothers, which had more than $600 billion dollars in assets at the time of its filing.

It also has to be said that bankruptcy is not the right solution for everyone and that it cannot solve every type of debt problem.

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

For more than three decades, individuals, families and small businesses have been turning to one Minnesota law firm for the honest answers and straightforward legal advice they need to know. Why do you need a lawyer to file bankruptcy? Attempting to do this on your own is a risk we do not believe you want to take. Past clients of Prescott & Pearson will readily tell you that you do not just need any lawyer when it comes to debt relief: You need a lawyer who knows bankruptcy, knows Minnesota and knows how to treat people.

Welcome to Prescott & Pearson, P.A.

We know our business. In 1951, attorney Jack Prescott filed his first bankruptcy petition on behalf of a client. In 1975, seeing the growing need that Minnesota families and small businesses had for better legal service in this area, Jack Prescott made the decision to concentrate his practice solely on bankruptcy. In 1981, Dick Pearson began practicing in bankruptcy law and joined the firm in 1983. Today, over 70,000 successful bankruptcy petitions later, we remain just as committed to this work.

We know Minnesota. Bankruptcy is governed by federal laws that make the general rules and process relatively the same from one state to the next. Because of that, many "national bankruptcy law firms" have started looking for business everywhere, including Minnesota. While these firms may be able to learn our state's specific rules without too much trouble, they will never be able to match our local knowledge or the credibility our lawyers have established with the bankruptcy judges, trustees and creditors' attorneys.

We know how to treat people. One of our biggest sources of new business has always been other law firms. In short, many of the people we've helped over the years have called us because the first law firm they went to for help didn't treat them right. At this law firm, no one is going to look down to you or make you feel like a moral failure or scold you ... for anything. Simply put, we'll treat you the way we'd want to be treated ourselves.

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Stop creditor harassment. Stop foreclosure. Take action now to protect your assets as you move toward a much less burdened life after bankruptcy. The unpaid bills that weigh you down can become a thing of the past more readily than you imagined. Learn more about your debt relief options, including types of bankruptcy such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Discover the exemptions you can take and how to keep your house and car if possible. Call or contact our bankruptcy lawyers today for information and advice on what to do and what not to do when medical bills or credit card debts overwhelm your ability to repay those debts.

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