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In 2018, the credit-reporting agency Experian reported that the average U.S. household had $6,375 in credit card debt. Around the same time, a Kaiser Family Foundation – New York Times survey reported that more than 1 in 4 Americans had trouble paying a recent medical bill.

So if you’re suffering from credit card and medical debt, understand this: It’s a problem shared by many, many other people.

But here’s the good news: In my many circumstances a bankruptcy filing can free you from all or part of your credit card or medical debt.

Credit card debt: Help is at hand!

A lot of people feel shame or anxiety over credit card debt, and are afraid to seek out help. Instead, they keep on struggling and often end up in an even deeper hole. And as the debt grows, so does their apprehension.

But there’s a way out of that trap. Seeking help for your credit card debt is likely the best way to confront your shame or anxiety and to lessen its impact on your life.

The fact is, you have a variety of options, including debt settlement, credit counseling, and debt relief through bankruptcy – a measure that is specifically designed to help people like you overcome their debt.

If your credit card debt is worsening and has led to creditor harassment and other threats, the smartest thing you can do is to talk to us. Together we’ll review your finances and chart a path forward.

Credit Card Debt
43% of Americans have been carrying a credit card balance for 2+ years. CNBC, 2019

Medical debt: Answers & options

You can work hard your entire life, and suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by medical debt. It’s a common problem, and a worsening one in an era of rapidly rising medical costs.

If you’re facing overwhelming medical bills, you may fear losing your home or retirement savings. You may be facing lawsuit threats. You may also worry that you won’t be able to received continued treatment for a chronic illness. In this situation, bankruptcy may be your best option to discharge or eliminate medical debt.

A lot of people don’t know that medical debt can be discharged. But every day we help bring our clients relief from out-of-control healthcare-related expenses. Don’t wait to contact us. We’re here to listen, and to help remove a burden no one should face alone.

Medical Debt
22% of consumers with debts in collection have only medical debts. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 2014

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