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Debt problems can be as varied as debtors who fall into a trap of unrelenting bills they cannot keep up with. When credit is easily obtainable and the cost of living puts a tighter and tighter squeeze on family budgets, any challenging situation can send finances into a downward spiral. At the Minnesota bankruptcy law firm of Prescott Pearson & Tande, PA, we have heard and seen evidence of many causes of debt and types of debt problems including:

  • Job loss or pay cuts at work
  • A medical crisis such as cancer
  • An on-the-job injury
  • Any type of injury, such as a brain injury resulting from a car accident or toxic poisoning
  • Divorce
  • Troublesome credit cards with overlarge credit limits or unexpectedly rising interest rates and minimum payments
  • Overaggressive home loan institutions that lead borrowers into mortgages that are doomed to fail over time as payments continually increase and interest adjusts upward
  • Overaggressive lenders who lure borrowers to establish home equity lines of credit that shift unmanageable debt to their most important assets: their homes
  • A natural disaster such as a tornado or flood
  • Military service that takes a breadwinning spouse to Iraq or Afghanistan, leaving the spouse at home with financial burdens similar to those of single parents
  • Injury or illness originating in military service — in many cases, mental illness or shattered nerves
  • Retirement arriving before a retiree has adequately prepared to continue funding a long-established lifestyle or deal with encroaching health problems on a reduced income

Solutions for many debtors in such situations include:

  • Credit counseling (a good idea that very often fails to correct the problem of unmanageable debt)
  • Debt settlement (often a good solution for one or two problem debts that are not enough to warrant filing bankruptcy but large enough to ruin a household budget)
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy involving discharge of debts for debtors under certain income guidelines who can demonstrate eligibility by way of a means test
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: debt reorganization and repayment over three to five years

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