What Can Prevent a Discharge in Bankruptcy?

Chapters 7 and 13 provide a discharge for eligible types of debt. To receive the discharge, you must follow the rules set forth in the chapter of bankruptcy you choose. If you do not, you risk losing your opportunity to eliminate eligible debts.

We Are on Your Side During the Process

An experienced bankruptcy attorney at Prescott Pearson & Tande, PA, can help you understand the bankruptcy process and ensure you meet all requirements. We have helped thousands of people in Minnesota find debt relief with Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy and other debt relief options. You can rely on our experience throughout the process.

Make Sure You Get All the Benefits of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is an option provided by the federal government to help people get a fresh financial start. There are rules, of course, but they are not meant to be confusing or to trick people out of bankruptcy. They are primarily in place to ensure all of the necessary information is provided. If you follow the rules, you should receive a discharge.

Typically, you will receive a discharge unless:

  • You do not appear at the hearing.
  • You do not bring the required documents.
  • You do not attend required debtor education classes.
  • You do not turn over assets that are nonexempt.
  • You do not follow the rules of the trustee.

Because any legal procedure can be challenging, it is often best to work with a lawyer rather than representing yourself. We help clients stay on track during the bankruptcy process so they receive the Chapter 7 discharge or the Chapter 13 discharge.

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