Dealing With Garnishments, Repossessions and Lawsuits

If you are facing a wage garnishment, bank garnishment or a lawsuit because of unpaid debts, take action as soon as possible. Bankruptcy can put an end to these devastating financial challenges quickly.

Bankruptcy Is Not an End — It Is a New Beginning

Financial problems are at their worst when debtors can no longer make reasonable payments on credit cards, medical bills, second mortgages, student loans and other types of bills. Often, distressed debtors try various remedies during financially hard times, including:

  • "Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul," which may include obtaining credit transfers repeatedly and passing balances back and forth between credit cards
  • Borrowing from family members or soliciting monetary gifts from them
  • Taking on second and third jobs
  • Selling off assets such as vacation homes, campers, boats, jewelry or antiques
  • Borrowing from or liquidating pension funds
  • Downsizing homes or cars to less expensive ones

Steps Leading Up to a Full-Blown Financial Disaster

For many debtors who are in over their heads in debt, all these attempts at resolving debt prove unsuccessful in the end. Still, they put off filing bankruptcy. Creditor harassment may begin to build — and distressed debtors still believe they can find some other answer than filing bankruptcy.

Then comes the wake-up call: a lawsuit from a creditor threatening to seize assets, missing wages by way of wage garnishment or a levy on a bank account.

Wage Garnishment or a Creditor Lawsuit Demands Quick Action

A lawsuit may come in the form of a summons and complaint requiring a prompt response with a court (usually within 20 days). Sometimes these actions take debtors by surprise, when they get little or no notice that these drastic measures are in the works.

Once an individual loses control of his or her paycheck, a financial emergency is underway. In many cases, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may solve the problem — but we must address the urgent matter of the wage garnishment or creditor lawsuit first. How?

Filing bankruptcy can put the automatic stay in place and shield you from some of the harshest consequences of aggressive debt collection practices.

There Are Options for Immediate Relief

Whether you contact us before any wage garnishment has occurred or a creditor lawsuit summons has arrived, Prescott Pearson & Tande, PA, can promptly help you. We understand the urgency of the situation, and we have the tools to find a solution quickly.

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