Discharging Medical Bills in Bankruptcy

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Medical bills can be some of the most challenging debts to cope with. They are often a symptom of large financial problems in a household budget. Large medical bills may mean that a debtor did not have health insurance when a medical crisis struck. The sick person may have had to take a lot of time of work or may have been injured after losing a job. Furthermore, the costs of medical care have been steadily rising in recent decades. Many people, with or without health care insurance, have needed medical care but have found it difficult to impossible to pay whatever was not covered by insurance.

When Caring Medical Care Providers Become Aggressive Debt Collectors

In addition to the challenges of the extraordinarily high cost of health care, medical care providers are often some of the most persistent debt collectors. Once bills become too much for a debtor, the debtor can sometimes negotiate directly with the health care provider and get a partial or complete forbearance of the debt for the provider. This outcome is often unsatisfactory, however, especially when the balance of what is due after a hospital or clinic has reduced the charges is still not affordable.

Debt Relief Through Bankruptcy

Through bankruptcy, however, medical bills can be discharged or eliminated. Some patients with chronic or fatal illnesses worry about including their medical bills in a bankruptcy filing, because they fear that the doctors or hospitals will stop providing their much-needed medical treatments if they stop paying. This fear is often unfounded, as health care providers do continue to treat patients with life-and-death conditions, in our experience. Furthermore, state-provided health insurance (MinnesotaCare) may be an option for obtaining ongoing treatments even during a bankruptcy.

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